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The Competitive Choice

Biomixx sources and distributes premium-quality ethanol in bulk from South Africa. 

Our focus is on the beverage, food, and pharmaceuticals industries. We supply drums, IBC, and ISO container loads.

Our sugar-cane-based ethanol is also  Kosher for Passover, soon to be certified as Badas Kosher as well.


Ethanol From Sugar-Cane – (min. 96% vol.)

What is it? 
Sugar cane ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is alcohol derived from sugar cane via the fermentation and rectification process. 

How is it used? 
It is used in premium alcoholic beverage blends including vodka, gin, liqueurs, and rum as well as certain food products. Also used in extraction and cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

Potable alcohol versus denatured alcohol: 

Potable (natural) alcohol is ethanol that is purified with a very neutral odor and taste. It is used in the spirits industry as the main ingredient in the production of a variety of liquors, gins etc. Potable alcohol is also used as a processing aid in the food industry and as a solvent for colorants and flavors.(Drinkable / Edible)

Denatured alcohol refers to alcohol products adulterated with toxic and/or bad tasting additives (e.g., methanol, benzene, pyridine, castor oil, gasoline, isopropyl alcohol, and acetone), making it unsuitable for human consumption.

The most common additive used is methanol (5–10%), giving rise to the term ‘methylated spirits.’

Denatured alcohol is used as a lower-cost solvent or fuel for home-scale or industrial use. Bitrex is used as a Denaturant for Alcohol use in industrial products such as hand sanitizers, cosmetic products, window/glass cleaners, disinfectants, alcoholic solvents or barbecue lighting fluid. (Usually 70% alcoholic). (Not drinkable / Not edible)

Our ethanol can be used for either ‘potable’ or denatured purposes.    


Certifications | Compliance & Legislation    

We ensure our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge of the regulations impacting the sale of alcohol globally. We advise our customers of the process and paperwork required in the purchase of ethanol from beginning to end. We are both Kosher and ISO9001 System approved and certified. 



As ethanol is highly flammable and dangerous to work with, we adhere to very strict safety measures at our sites and provide our customers with safety certification and training. 


Our experience

Biomixx is an independent South African-based company, which was established as a start-up during 2021 in the beverage alcohol and industrial ethanol industry.

We supply bulk ethanol and spirits for distilling and private labeling. Our products are widely used in the beverage alcohol, food, and hand sanitizer industries.

Our in-depth knowledge of the creation of ethanol for potable and denatured purposes has assisted us in being well positioned to offer you unique and personalized advice and in turn a competitively priced product.