Our experience

Biomixx is an independent South African-based company, which was established as a start-up during 2021 in the beverage alcohol and industrial ethanol industry.

We supply bulk ethanol and spirits for distilling and private labeling. Our products are widely used in the beverage alcohol, food, and hand sanitizer industries.

Our in-depth knowledge of the creation of ethanol for potable and denatured purposes has assisted us in being well positioned to offer you unique and personalized advice and in turn a competitively priced product.

Our products

Our premium ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is sugar-cane based specifically for beverage use, high-proof spirits in bulk and denatured and un-denatured ethanol for industrial applications.

We offer our customers Drums (250 liters), IBC Bins (1000 liters) and ISO Tankers (40 000 liters)


We are able to export to any country in the world and we offer products in drums, IBCs and ISO Tankers. We also offer customized packaging and transport solutions.

We have extensive experience in container operations from organizing  shipments between warehouses all over the world.